CSSO Association President’s Message

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CSSO Association President’s Message

Hello Colleagues and Friends,

As the President of the Chief Student Services Officers Association it is my honor to represent us and the work we do to help our students realize their dreams. I thank you for leading  transformative efforts over the years especially in recent times with the Student Success Act of 2012 “SSSP” as well as Student Equity and AB 705-eliminating the inequities resulting from standardized tests for course placement. Your work in dismantling practices that do not serve our students is needed now more than ever.   We’re so fortunate to serve in roles that usher in changes to our system so that our students can prosper.
It was amazing to spend time with all of you at our last CSSO Conference. As our Chancellor said-it was great to see the similarities of our students reflected in the audience. Like our students and many of you-I’m the first in my family to go to college. I’m the grand daughter of migrant farmworkers born in this country during an era of segregation against Mexican Americans and African Americans. My Mom was born the year after Brown v Board passed however even in some parts of Southern California-that law wasn’t followed for 20 years. The laws changed but the hearts and minds of the public had not caught up yet. And so-I’m the first generation born here participating in a system that was not initially designed for people like me. This is why changing our practices is so important. Like our students-I’m resilient and motivated. Like you-I feel so blessed to lead transformative efforts for inclusion and social justice.
May this website serve as a tool for you and may it further strengthen our efforts to support one another and our students.


Cynthia D. Olivo, Vice President for Student Services

Pasadena City College

2019-20 CSSO President

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