California Community Colleges Chief Student Services Officers

The Chief Student Services Officers Association (CSSO) is the premier professional organization dedicated to supporting and representing the leaders of student services in the nation’s largest community college system. The Association encompasses a network of professionals from 116 California community colleges and 73 districts, providing a platform for collaboration, innovation, and advocacy. Our charge is to empower student services leaders with the knowledge, resources and connections needed to enhance the educational experience and success of students within the community college system. We are committed to “Ensuring Opportunities for Success for Every Student.” Together, we strive to drive positive change and champion the needs of our diverse student body.


The CSSO will be the foremost voice for Student Services leadership and professional learning; rooted in racial equity, social justice, and student success.


The CSSO Association represents CSSOs statewide and fosters a professional learning community for student service leaders that cultivates innovation, equity-mindedness, and antiracism in support of student success and racial equity.


Equity – We acknowledge educational inequities – especially racial outcome disparities that are, in part, the result of institutional forms of oppression, marginalization, and racism; we will use the tools and resources necessary to redress these pervasive equity gaps.

Social Justice – We value the development and sustainability of services, practices, and leadership that anchor racial equity unapologetically as a lens through which to build socially just support systems for student success.

Leadership – We support the development of student service leaders at all levels ensuring student-centered and equity-minded policies and practices.

Community – We value community building among CSSO leaders across California; collaborating with instruction and other college stakeholders to advance and support equity as well as antiracist policies and practices.