CSSO Mentor Program


The CSSO Mentor Program is a statewide, year-long learning opportunity that provides an invaluable personal and professional development experience for new CSSO’s. Program participants are new CSSO’s (within 0-3 years of appointment) who can request a CSSO mentor through the interest application process.

Participation in the CSSO Mentor Program provides for a minimum of 2-3 mentor-mentee contacts during the semester, and the flexibility where the mentee can reach out for advice throughout the semester as issues and questions arise. Participants agree to participate in the New CSSO training at the annual conference and are invited to meet the CSSO Executive Board.  

The CSSO Mentor Program is free for all CSSO Association members. 

How to Participate

To participate in the CSSO Mentor Program, please complete this interest form.

Program Activities

  • New CSSO workshop
  • CSSO annual conference
  • CSSO Executive Board- meet and greet (at conference) 
  • Topical workshops throughout the year: Dates and times to be determined
  • 2-3 meetings with mentor

Goals of the CSSO Mentor Program 

  • To identify new CSSO’s and provide them support and resources during their first year, 2nd, or 3rd year.
  • To encourage CSSO Mentor Program participants to seek expanded leadership opportunities within their regions or the statewide system.
  • To encourage the networking of participants inter-regionally in support of improved working relationships and communications across the state.

The Role of a Mentor 

The role of the Mentor for new CSSO’s is to serve as a guide, role model, colleague and expert to their Mentee. To the extent possible, mentors and mentees are matched with regions or geographically (or size of college). The Mentor acts as a resource to the mentee and helps provide insights and strategies to support the mentee as they have technical and interpersonal questions about the role of the CSSO. Topics may range from navigating campus politics, including working with faculty, unions, and executive leadership; human resource issues; balancing the demands and broad scope of CSSO responsibilities; understanding title 5 and state/federal laws that govern student service programs and functions; developing equity-minded student services practices and programs; developing positive collaborations and partnerships with instruction; and, much more.

For more information on the CSSO Mentor Program, contact the CSSO Association at [email protected].