Save The Date! March 12th – 15th 2024

Picking up where we left off at the Fall 2023 CSSO-only Symposium; the CSSO Association is expanding on its theme of incorporating the pursuit of Justice & Joy into our work as student services professionals. As such we are inviting Student Services leaders at all levels, Deans, Directors, Coordinators, as well as faculty and staff to join us March 12th – 15th, at the 2024 Student Services Leadership Conference. As a community, we will engage in large sessions, smaller sessions, and workshops that focus on such topics as a culture of care, self-care, quality of service, equity praxis, projects about clarity of purpose, and creating and sustaining joy in our work during challenging times.

In a world that constantly evolves, so too must our approach to student services. Our conference theme, “Justice & Joy: Transforming Systems with Purpose and Intentionality,” embodies our commitment to nurturing a dynamic environment where equity, fairness, and student well-being are central pillars.

With a profound sense of purpose and unwavering intentionality, we gather to explore how we can reshape and reimagine our systems to serve every student, leaving no one behind. Justice calls us to dismantle barriers, champion diversity, and ensure that all voices are heard and valued. Joy reminds us that the pursuit of knowledge and the journey of learning should be filled with inspiration, curiosity, and fulfillment.

Registration and sponsorship information will be available in the coming weeks. In the interim, if you have questions regarding the event and/or sponsorship opportunities contact us here at [email protected]